About Me

Miss La - Lash Artist - Sheer Faces Lash & Business Training Academy

Sheer Faces Lash & Business Training Academy was created by me, Miss La, a licensed Cosmetologist and Lash Artist in Michigan. When I was researching where to learn lash extensions all the training was totally out of my budget. I would have had to wait until I got my tax money to be able to afford it! Luckily I got a windfall and I took it and made my lash training happen.

I knew other women were having the same issue. I wanted to create a program that is affordable and realistic for women to learn lash application and to start their own lash extension business. The only way I could do that was to offer online training and products to help women launch their lash business. 

I worked for almost 6 months developing an online Classic Lash Course, and my digital products. It took a lot of long nights of recording, writing, and typing, but I got it done. I had a very limited budget because I'm still active in my lash studio but I had to reinvest all the money I made. I was fired from my retail job in 2021, so I'm all in making this happen for others like you...and me too!

My purpose is to continue to develop online and digital products that will allow women to start within a reasonable budget. I invest each year in additional training and I will be passing that along to you as I implement and test in Sheer Faces Lash Studio. Anything I teach or give you details on I have actually tried it myself and I know the results. 

Lashing can be a great reward financially and can be a great confidence booster. I have learned to have a "no fear mentality" and I want to show you how you can succeed the same way. 

Lashing takes work and commitment. My goal is to show you how to get mentally prepared to run your business. I will also show you best practices to develop your lash business with the clients and money you want. 

See more of my story here: 

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